kidz Mean Business – Teaching children to earn pocket money

“Starting a business is a great way of helping kids to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Most of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs say they can remember always buying or selling, and doing various things to raise money from a very early age. It is never too early for a child to start a business. .” Money Smart World ©

Our aims is to teach primary aged school children money management skills through the setting up of their own businesses, with the help of supportive mentors.  We will have monthly business networking meeting for children so that they can share ideas, get advise and support from their mentors.

Below are some ideas and some of our current children starting to develop their ideas.


We plan to run Annual Business Awards  and hold two business market events where the children can showcase their businesses and sell their services or products.


We are grateful to ASDA  Gravesend for providing us the free room thanks to their community champion Christine who has been so supportive.

May 2019 Activity day

We had fun today at the holiday club – this is a taste of the activities we do.

We had 20 children and some parents stayed to help out.

Thanks Jo, Michelle, Susan, Nicole. Gemma of CVS for the gifts and Kelly from No Walls Gardens. who allowed us to have fun in the garden. Thanks also to the parents who helped

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Saturday Confidence Club


Every Saturday, from 5th January 2019, we will be running our Saturday confidence club for children at the Veteran’s Hall The Hill, Northfleet, Gravesend DA11 9EU

Children will be given help with their homework as well as given skills which will help them to be more confident in Maths, English, spellings, Reading and Creative writing.

Children will also work towards their bronze. silver and gold confidence award, after which they can progress to be Confident Champions in their schools and community.


Email for more details



“I’m a Confident child” – Confidence courses for primary aged school children

“I’m a Confident child”

 Confidence courses for primary aged children

Delivered by

Genny Jones Aka Confident Queen


This is a practical course which will equip and empower children with the tools and skills they need to have both inner and outer confidence which will help them in their journey through adulthood.  I will work with each  child on an area they want to be more confident as part of their confidence challenge.

The children will work towards their Bronze, Silver and Gold medals, with the option of becoming our confidence champions in the community as well as being  be role models and mentors to other children in their school and community.


The course covers:-

The confidence quiz—find out how confident you are now

Self confidence—tips to help build inner and outer confidence

Self esteem— tips to help you believe in yourself

Speak out— tips on standing up for yourself and others

Say no to bullying – tips on how to cope with and prevent others from being bullied.

Confidence challenge—  practical challenge to help build confidence

Gift of confidence tool box—these have items to help maintain confidence

Confidence Awards—presentation and celebrations of achievements


Next  course 

Tuesday 30th October  – 3.30 to 5.30pm  Veteran’s Hall Northfleet DA11


Other course options-

One to one from the comfort of your own home

Online course/coaching

Courses can also be run for your organisation or school


For more information email